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10 years World of Industries How an idea came to life …

10 years World of Industries How an idea came to life …

It was a turbulent time for the global economy, triggered by the property bubble in the USA. At this exact time, a German publisher and Deutsche Messe AG dared to launch an international cross-media project on the market. The objective was to report on the latest exciting technological achievements. We spoke to Christian Kluge, Deutsche Messe, and Dr. Michael Werner, the Publishing Manager, about the beginnings and developments of World of Industries.

Ideas are often developed at the strangest times, including the idea to develop an international, cross-media project – WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – ten years ago.

Werner: It must have been 2011 when I met Christian for the first time at a trade fair stand. At the time, we had already been working on special publications in China for two years. Back then, it was mostly printed editions that we sent by post to readers in companies. The idea that we developed at that trade fair stand was incredibly simple: The publisher produces editorial content all about international trade fairs conducted by Deutsche Messe AG, and Deutsche Messe in turn supports international sales with its international subsidiaries.

Kluge: A crucial question was posed by Michael: How would we get our publications to the right readers in China at the PTC and CeMAT Asia trade fairs? It was my idea to send all visitors an electronic copy of the publication. In addition to the printed publications, this gave us the opportunity to considerably increase our reach by including channels in the USA, Turkey, Russia, India, etc – so that’s how everything started.

How does a German publisher suddenly start operating at an international level?

Werner: We looked at it from a customer’s point of view. If the innovations of a German company are being presented at a trade fair in China, the USA, Turkey, Russia, India or anywhere else in the world, we as a publisher must be in a position to be able to report on it. Over the last ten years, the focus has increasingly shifted from printed publications towards the Internet and social media.

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Source: Deutsche Messe AG/Vereinigte Fachverlage GmbH

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