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7-Axis Lightweight Cobot for Industrials Tasks

7-Axis Lightweight Cobot for Industrials Tasks

The Danish company Kassow Robots has expanded its product portfolio with the addition of the KR1018, a new model that can handle payloads of up to 18 kg. The cobot itself weighs just 34 kg, a feature that enables it to meet a fundamental requirement for flexible automation solutions, especially in narrow spaces.

The target group for the company’s fifth 7-axis cobot is industrial companies in the metalworking industry and other areas like the food-production sector that want to take the heavy lifting off the hands of their employees and have these individuals take over more demanding tasks.

First introduced to the market in 2018, Kassow Robots’ product family now comprises five 7-axis cobots that handle payloads of up to 18 kg and offer a reach of up to 1.8 m – and all that with a speed of up to 225 °/s and weighing only up to 38 kg: KR810 (850 mm reach/ 10 kg payload), the new KR1018 (1000 mm / 18 kg), KR1205 (1200 mm / 5 kg) KR1410 (1400 mm / 10 kg), KR1805 (1800 mm / 5 kg). Each of the five cobots can be used in virtually endless industrial applications involving human-robot collaboration – also by means of the 7th axis that can reach around a corner.

Source: Kassow Robots

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