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A Highly Precise Addition to the Aerotech Hexapod Family

A Highly Precise Addition to the Aerotech Hexapod Family

Aerotech, manufacturer of high-performance motion control and positioning systems, is launching a new hexapod, for quality assurance applications. As a smaller brother to the HEX500 and HEX300, the HEX150 RC with a diameter of 150 mm complements the existing product family diameters of 500 and 300 mm. The advantage of the multi-axis, parallel kinematic hexapods is precise positioning freely in all directions. With a central movement distance of 135 mm, this allows the multi-axis system to be used flexibly for a wide variety of applications.

The new 150 series hexapod with its high load-bearing capacity is coupled with large movement distances and high positioning speeds of 50 mm/s. The high-precision positioning system impresses with its mechanics: Stiff drive legs with brushless, slotless AC servo motors not only ensure high performance and a long service life, but also precision in the submicrometre range. The AC servo motors are connected directly to the ball bearing spindle, which guarantees according to manufacturer high drive rigidity. Fast settling times allow high throughput with repetition accuracy of less than 2 μm, the increments of less than 20 nm in XYZ and 0.2 μrad in Θx Θy Θz also allow a wide range of applications.


Source: Aerotech Ltd.

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