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Andreas Evertz Becomes New CEO of the Flender Group

Andreas Evertz Becomes New CEO of the Flender Group

The Flender Group, part of the portfolio companies of Siemens AG, has a new CEO. As of April 1, 2020, Andreas Evertz (left) has been appointed additional CEO. Together with Dr. Ulrich Stock as CFO he will continue the path of Flender. Stefan Tenbrock (right) will retire as CEO on June 1, 2020.

Evertz worked for the former Flender Group in Bocholt and Tübingen until the end of 2007. Thereafter, he was CTO and later CEO of Walter AG, member of the board at Sandvik and most recently CEO at Schenck Process Group.

For 36 years Stefan Tenbrock has been working for Flender. Since 2015, he headed the Flender group as CEO. During this time, he built up a standalone salesforce and then consistently led the company into legal and entrepreneurial independence from October 1, 2017 on. Since then Flender GmbH with its global entities has been operating as stand-alone subsidiary of Siemens AG.


Source: Flender GmbH

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