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Aventics expands in Argentina and Brazil

Aventics expands in Argentina and Brazil

With new sales partners, pneumatics specialist Aventics is set to unlock new potential for growth in South America. Fluipress Automação Industrial in Brazil and Racklatina in Argentina began distributing a wide range of pneumatic components and solutions to regional machine manufacturers and end customers in late 2017. The new dealers first invested in training their staff, offering additional engineering services that boost local added value.

According to its own estimates, the multinational World Bank is sure of one thing at the end of 2017: South America is recovering from several years of recession, driven by major growth in Brazil and Argentina and set to continue on this path in 2018. This is exactly when Aventics will reinforce its local presence on both markets with strong dealer and technology partners. “Fluipress in Brazil and Racklatina in Argentina are two strategic partners that provide us with direct access to regional end customers and original equipment manufacturers,” emphasizes Dr. Peter Saffe, Vice President Strategic Sales at Aventics. The dealers have their own local warehouses, ensuring fast delivery times. Besides distributing Aventics components, they are also responsible for assembling complete pneumatic modules and developing complete systems, from pneumatic cylinders to controls. Aventics has been active in South America for many years. Customers mainly consisted of international industrial companies that already used pneumatic components in their plants in Europe and North America.
In Brazil, Fluipress Automação Industrial, based in Itajai in the South, acts as general agent for all dealers country-wide, covering all industrial centers. One in every six of the approximately 150 technology specialist employees will provide consultation in the area of pneumatics in the future. The company has also hired a number of new specialists and trained them together with Aventics employees.

In Argentina, the second largest pneumatics market in South America, Racklatina S.A., headquartered in Moreno near Buenos Aires, has begun to sell Aventics products. With eight subsidiaries, Racklatina ensures short channels for all its customers. In addition to industrial applications, the automation specialist is also very successful in outfitting agricultural equipment.

Local expertise

Both dealer and technology partners have been certified by Aventics to assemble cylinder units locally in accordance with strict quality standards. As a result, they are able to quickly implement customer requests while increasing local added value – a must for regional customers. The two companies also offer widely used control systems in South America, enabling them to develop, configure, and assemble cross-technology solutions. “In South America, we are striving for the same market coverage we already have with major OEMs and end customers in Europe and North America,” states Dr. Peter Saffe. Beside Fluipress and Racklatina, around 60 dealers represent Aventics in Chile, Uruguay, Columbia, Venezuela, and Peru. The expansion of its global sales partner network is an integral part of Aventics’ growth strategy.

Source: Aventics

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