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Baumer is implementing Hiperface DSL from Sick

Baumer is implementing Hiperface DSL from Sick

With the opening up of the hitherto proprietary Hiperface DSL interface, Sick has paved the way for all suppliers of motor feedback systems to make this internationally used standard available to their customers. Now Baumer is already implementing Hiperface DSL. Other sensor producers will also start using the single-cable technology – discussions are already underway. “Hiperface DSL is the standard in single-cable technology – a proven interface that has long become established in the field worldwide. It offers technical and economic advantages to all participating market partners. In addition, the digital interface meets all the prerequisites for state-oriented machine maintenance within the Industry 4.0 environment,” confirms Dr. Michael Schneider, Manager of Product Management at Baumer Motion Control.

Users and licensees can now find information on the technology, and keep up with current developments, on the neutral website There is also an overview of motor and drive manufacturers that already successfully operate Hiperface DSL.

Hiperface DSL complies with the RS485 standard and enables robust interference-free data transfer between the controller and motor in servo drive systems via two cores directly integrated in the motor cable (that can be up to 100 meters long). Externally, electrical drives with motor feedback systems and integrated Hiperface DSL interfaces can be recognized because they only have one motor connector. Hybrid connectors are increasingly used, consolidating the servo and shaft encoder cables. Signals from other sensors are also transferred for integration in the digital motor feedback protocol. Special processes, and the use of pulse transformers, ensure that the encoder signal is decoupled from interference on the motor power cable.

Hiperface DSL supports the electronic type label functionality for automatic controller parameterization. Motor characteristics, serial and article numbers, as well as other data are stored here and used for autonomous setting of the controller to the motor’s parameters, and for service-related purposes.

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