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B&R Blackout Mode makes redundancy solutions redundant

B&R Blackout Mode makes redundancy solutions redundant

Full safety functionality following network failure

B&R has set yet another benchmark in integrated safety technology with its new blackout mode. This feature allows safety applications to continue to run after a failure of the network or main controller. It no longer takes an expensive redundancy solution to ensure maximum availability of the application.

Blackout mode is supported by the new SafeLOGIC X20SL8101 safety controllers and SafeIO modules featuring reACTION Technology. With blackout mode, applications in lower-level systems are executed even after a network failure. For example, even after a network failure, it is still possible to open a press to prevent injuries or damage.

Blackout mode also allows applications to be started after the power is switched on and safety functions to be executed regardless of whether a network connection exists.

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