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Brakes for the highest outdoor elevator in the world

Brakes for the highest outdoor elevator in the world

With the highest outdoor elevator in the world, travellers are able to marvel at the unique rock formations in the Wulingyuan region of the Zhangjiajie National Park in Central China, which is one of the ‘Unesco’ World Heritage Sites. Elevator brakes, only of the highest quality ensure that travellers experience the natural landscape without any safety concerns.

As the glass elevator doors slides to one side, approximately 40 travellers enter the cage; people begin to talk loudly and an amenable chaos ensues. Everyone wants to have one of the most desirable spots along the glass walls of the lift. Excitement and anticipation hangs in the air. A few seconds after the elevator starts to move, it becomes clear why: The glass cage leaves the rock shaft through which it runs for the initial 150 m of the travelling distance, and a breath-taking view is opened up to the passengers, who gasp in delight. Of course, this isn’t just any old lift; this is the Bailong elevator, the “elevator of a hundred dragons” in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province, China. The outdoor elevator takes tourists to the peak of a precipitous sandstone rock formation in the Wulingyuan region. Due to these unique rock formations, the ‘Unesco’ declared the region a World Heritage Site in 1992. These rock needles project up to 200 metres high into the sky and create a stage setting which has even inspired Hollywood movies: The landscape was used as a model for the Hallelujah mountains in the movie ‘Avatar’.


Source: Mayr Transmission

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