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Calculate Drive Systems Online Quickly and Easily

Calculate Drive Systems Online Quickly and Easily

The user-friendly Faulhaber Drive Selection Tool makes it possible to determine the Faulhaber drive systems required for projects and then to make a specific enquiry. The solution is designed for developers and application engineers — especially when they are in a hurry.

Only little information, such as speed and torque, should suffice according to the manufacturer in order to quickly determine the appropriate solution. An easy-to-read list with the most important parameters shows the choices calculated. This can then be reduced further using an intelligent filter until the most suitable drive solutions are found. For this, there is a comparison function for up to three variants, whereby the comprehensive product data is immediately presented in a table.

If a certain motor series or special series of a motor/gearhead combination are already relevant, this can be selected in advance and the solution calculated accordingly in connection with the required performance. It is also worth pointing out that the Faulhaber Drive Selection Tool also takes the changes to the electrical characteristics caused by the heating of the motor into consideration with the thermal (“warm”) calculation.

Once the appropriate systems that meet the requirements have been found, it is possible to inquire about them directly at Faulhaber using the specially set up function — a sales engineer can then contact the user immediately.

The Faulhaber Drive selection Tool is being developed gradually — with additional drive types, products and functions. In future, this should enable the developer or application engineer to determine suitable drive systems for their planned applications in early development phases.


Source: Faulhaber

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