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Turck: Cloud solution for industrial applications

Turck is presenting its Turck Cloud Solutions service at the Hannover Messe. The data is transferred directly from Turck’s controller and I/O components to the cloud. For this, Turck is using the Kolibri protocol recently purchased from Beck IPC, which guarantees encrypted communication to the cloud.

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Generating added value from machinery and production data

Machines and systems of industry generate a range of data like temperature, pressure, energy consumption and vibration. These values are constantly measured by sensors, monitored and fed back to the control unit. The volume of data is massive and therefore it is necessary to filter out the relevant data and evaluate it. The intelligent data analysis method “Industrial analytics” takes production to another level and Weidmüller is playing a major role.

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New Beckhoff power monitoring oversampling terminal

Conventional automation and power measurement technology are increasingly converging. With the integration of the new Beckhoff EL3783 oversampling terminal for power monitoring into standard control systems, high-precision grid analysis becomes available for power-generating systems.

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Fresh beer for the “Elphi” with Siemens technology

The Störtebeker brewery based in Germany brews a total of 17 traditional and modern beer varieties. These beers are served on tap in venues such as Hamburg’s new Elbphilharmonie concert hall, and can also be taken away in a growler to enjoy that freshly-tapped taste at home. The growler filling station from Austria uses technology supplied by Siemens.

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What value does digitalization offer manufacturers?

New-generation digitalized technology is enabling manufacturers to improve performance. A global qualitative study by Siemens examines the potential value digitalization offers manufacturers and the significant role Industry 4.0 financing plays in helping manufacturers to achieve digital transformation.

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