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Clamping technology for the smart factory

Clamping technology for the smart factory

High degree of functional integration

“On the path toward achieving the smart factory, gripping systems and clamping devices will take a central role in the future,” asserted Henrik A. Schunk. “They enable efficient flexibilization as well as process monitoring and optimization closest to the part,” explained the Chief Executive Officer of Schunk GmbH & Co. KG. At the leading metalworking trade fair AMB 2018, Schunk will showcase the possibilities for the future: sensitivity, connectivity and a high degree of functional integration will become the key factors for clamping devices and grippers for monitoring clamping force, temperature and vibration characteristics in real time. If deviations occur while a process is running, the machining parameters can be adjusted completely automatically based on the data detected. This ensures a secure process and maximum efficiency.

Intelligent quick-change pallet modules, clamping blocks and grippers

For example, the compact, electrically actuated Schunk Vero-S NSE-E mini 90 quick-change pallet module positions and clamps workpieces, components and pallets in less than one second at a repeat accuracy of < 0.005 mm. Due to 24V technology and optional clamping slide position monitoring, the fluid-free module is suitable for use in manufacturing environments as well as for applications in assembly processes, on measuring devices, or for 3D printing where parts require precise clamping.

Source: SCHUNK GmbH & Co. Spanntechnik KG

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