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Clutches and brakes: Focussing on robotics and automation

Clutches and brakes: Focussing on robotics and automation

One of the most innovative German companies in the field of power transmission has its eyes firmly fixed on the sustained trend for automation and the high demands placed on robotic solutions. For this reason, the company has expanded its performance spectrum of clutches, couplings and brakes. Using new designs, new possibilities for brake monitoring are opened up – in particular also for applications in the fields of robotics and automation. 

The degree of automation is increasing, humans and robots are cooperating more closely – in all the important industrial branches robots are on the advance. Machines and systems are increasing in performance density as well as operating speed and this also means higher demands on individual components. For this reason, Mayr power transmission, the specialist for safety brakes, torque limiters and shaft couplings from Mauerstetten in the Allgäu region of Germany, offers small, high-performance safety brakes, for example with the Roba-servostop construction series. These brakes are tailored to robotic requirements through their slim design and low weight.

In addition, the company has a fluid-free linear brake in its portfolio with its Roba-linearstop in electromagnetic design, which has been designed to secure gravity-loaded vertical axes. These brakes are used in applications in which compressors or units for compressed air or oil hydraulics are not available or are unwanted, such as in medical technology or the food or pharmaceutical industry, where high hygiene standards are required. The Roba-brake-checker module now opens up new possibilities for brake monitoring also in these application fields. With a new module design and thanks to even more accurate evaluation, it is now possible to also supply and monitor small brake sizes from a braking torque of 0.7 Nm. This makes the Roba-linearstop not just the only electromagnetic rod brake on the market, but it also means it can be monitored even in small construction sizes with the aid of the module.

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Source: Mayr Power Transmission


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