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Connecting AI Software With Interfaces and Sensor Technology

Connecting AI Software With Interfaces and Sensor Technology

Symate GmbH, a specialist in optimizing manufacturing processes using artificial intelligence (AI) methods, has decided to combine its expertise with that of the global manufacturer of industrial automation products, Pepperl+Fuchs SE. The goal is to create an integrated specialist solution for the automated analysis and optimization of industrial manufacturing processes and quality characteristics.

As part of a pilot project, Symate is currently testing Pepperl+Fuchs hardware components and connecting them to the Detact AI system. This will be the basis for a coordinated package that offers both companies’ customers a wider range of functions for automating manufacturing processes than the individual companies’ previous solutions.

Users of Symate and Pepperl+Fuchs will be able to benefit from advantages offered by the complete system, including the wide range of functions provided by the coordinated hardware and software components. In addition, Pepperl+Fuchs can receive valuable feedback from ongoing processes and clearly visualize the data from its own sensors, while Symate is significantly closer to its strategic goal of developing Detact into a central, holistic AI platform for the processing industry.


Source: Pepperl+Fuchs

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