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Drive technology compliant with packaging industry standards

Drive technology compliant with packaging industry standards

Just within 5 years, the company Swiss Can Machinery has established itself as one of the leading manufacturer of fully automated packaging systems for powders and dry products. Complying with the stringent hygiene requirements of the food industry, the Swiss based company uses products with washdown-optimised drive technology from Nord Drivesystems.

Founded in 2013, the company Swiss Can Machinery has since then been providing excellent products for packaging of coffee, powdered milk, snacks, toffees and pharmaceuticals. In a span of just 5 years, the company has made its mark in pouch filling, cans and glass jars with powders and dry products. Swiss can machinery has been designing its machines keeping in mind the specific requirements of food and pharmaceutical industry, which has made its products, right from individual machines up to entire filling plants world class. Its tailor-made packaging solutions are now gaining attention even from international buyers.

Packaging sensitive products with innovative technology

One of the mainstays is the baby food industry. The company’s international customer base includes many milk powder producers. “Powdered milk is a difficult product to fill” explains Michael Grabher, Managing Director of Swiss Can Machinery. “It can have very difficult filling characteristics, depending on the recipe, fat content, drying method, granulation and fineness. Even the characteristics of the same product vary from batch to batch and production conditions”. The company makes sure that its machines automatically adapt to the continuously changing filling conditions and package the powdered milk cleanly, precisely and efficiently. In this segment, the latest development is the SCM Line V-matic 127-3 2018, a fully automatic can filling and sealing plant for powdered milk and baby food. The plant automatically performs all of the work stages from the empty to the full can. A special protective gas technology ensures that a residual oxygen value of less than 0.5 % is achieved in the can. This ensures a maximum shelf life for the packaged product.

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Source: Nord Drivesystems

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