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Dual Flap Explosion Isolation Valve

Dual Flap Explosion Isolation Valve

Fike Corporation, a global manufacturer and supplier of explosion protection solutions, has announced its new explosion isolation flap valve, Fike DFITM, in sizes up to DN800 (32 inches). Since 2010 Fike has conducted substantial experimental research on the behavior of dust flame propagation in industrial scale pipelines and passive explosion isolation systems. After earlier development of its ValvEx flap valves up to size DN400, the company has now achieved safe passive explosion isolation up to DN800.

During a deflagration, DFI isolates pressure and flames from interconnected equipment. Its lightweight-dual-flap mechanism allows a close installation to a vessel, such as a dust collector. DFI was tested to exceed EN16447 requirements and simulate conditions it may experience during a real industrial deflagration. The dual-flap isolation valve is designed for installation in both vertical and horizontal orientations, close to bends and near vessels due to the fast-closing flaps. Furthermore, because of its resistance for pressures up to 1.5 barg and effectiveness against a variety of combustible dusts including ST1,

Source: FIKE

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