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Extremely reliable safety brakes for stage shows and concerts

Extremely reliable safety brakes for stage shows and concerts
For decades, the superior braking technology from Mayr power transmission has been protecting people and systems, and even saving lives in cases of emergency. During his visit to Mauerstetten, Martin K., a systems technician tries to find out what makes these brakes so reliable.

For a moment, there is a pin drop silence in the hall. Spellbound, the audience watches as the young singer, Martin’s daughter, floats back to the ground over the heads of the other artists to land gently back on the stage. Then a thundering applause breaks out. Martin grips his wife’s hand. She smiles. He can see how proud she is: their daughter’s performance has once again received a big round of applause.

Of course, Martin is also proud, but primarily he is relieved. Once again, the stage show equipment and in particular, the braking technology has operated smoothly. His daughter, the star of show, and the other performers were never in danger. Due to his vocation as a service technician, he is fully aware of what can happen when stage technology does not function properly. Only last September, he and his colleagues were conducting an operation in a football stadium in central america. Heavy stage elements, decoration and spotlights should have been moved, braked and accurately held above the heads of artists and spectators using winches in an exclusive but complex opening event. However, the safety brakes in these systems did not want to co-operate.

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Source: Mayr

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