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Generating added value from machinery and production data

Generating added value from machinery and production data
Machines and systems of industry generate a range of data like temperature, pressure, energy consumption and vibration. These values are constantly measured by sensors, monitored and fed back to the control unit. The volume of data is massive and therefore it is necessary to filter out the relevant data and evaluate it. The intelligent data analysis method “Industrial analytics” takes production to another level and Weidmüller is playing a major role with its flexible, scalable solution.

In most cases, machine and production facilities already provide sufficient data, meaning additional sensors are not required. Weid­müller engineers simply start with all the available process and machine data, from which the machine’s behaviour can be learned. The data is then reduced and only that which is actually required for an understanding of the machine is considered. An application-specific analytics engine is then configured as a function of the ­machine type. This entails software that can monitor and predict the behaviour of the machine. Weidmüller calls this “advanced analytics”. It is not just about analysing historical data, but also making predictions based on this data. Weidmüller bases its predictions on sound mathematical and statistical processes in order to describe machine behaviour. The processes within a machine or system may well be complex – but with the necessary tools they can be predicted without having to be a clairvoyant.

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