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Global industry: past and future

Global industry: past and future

In this series, we will ask industry leaders what their thoughts are regarding the past ten years of the global industry and what their prognosis for the upcoming years looks like. We start the series with Jürgen Prochno, CEO of the German branch of The Lee Company, manufacturer of miniature fluid control products.

Mr. Prochno, how do you evaluate the development of the global industry markets in the past ten years?

The international markets have continued to grow together in recent years and progressed to merge technologically . The low-wage countries of the past are partly developing into the business partners in charge. Unfortunately, this leads to damaging reactions of major market participants, such as the US, who are now trying to foreclose their market more and more to strengthen the domestic economy and / or protect it from external influences. Given the prevailing global network of economic processes, I consider this to be the wrong way. After recovering from the financial crisis, markets are now unnecessarily ­discouraged from further merging and have to deal with issues such as punitive tariffs and countermeasures. Here, a few lose sight of the right measures and thus complicate the lives of many.

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Source: LEE/Vereinigte Fachverlage GmbH

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