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High-speed movements thanks to new reinforcement system

High-speed movements thanks to new reinforcement system
Pick & place applications, printers and handling systems have one thing in common: high cycle rates and very high dynamics. For the sake of economy, self-supporting corrugated tubes are often used for the energy supply. However, the fast movements often leading to damage of the corru-gated hose. A Swedish robot manufacturer has minimized the risk with a tube reinforcement from the motion plastics specialist igus.

Mechanical engineering has a long tradition in Sweden. Business is good for the automation sec-tor, which is on the road to success. This enabled Wemo Automation AB to expand its business located in Värnamo, Sweden, and Reinheim in Germany, and had already announced its merger with Hahn Automation in May 2015. Wemo and Hahn are expanding and consolidating the robot business. While Hahn offers a product portfolio of larger robots with a focus on the automotive industry, Wemo’s core competence lies in the field of smaller to middle sized robots for the plastic industry.

Among the highlights of the Wemo handling range are the “xDesign” series of linear robots. Ac-cording to the manufacturer specifications, they are the perfect all-rounders for the removal of various plastic parts and meet the highest demands for flexibility. The “sDesign” robots in turn serve for the removal of fast running packaging parts. These high-speed handling devices are opti-mised for maximum performance and speed. They ensure a cycle time of less than 2.7 seconds.

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Source: igus

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