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Infineon Technologies Commissioned an eTruck

Infineon Technologies Commissioned an eTruck

Infineon Technologies AG is taking a further step towards CO2 neutrality by focusing on electric mobility for logistics solutions. Just in time for the World Environment Day (5 June), an electric truck was commissioned at the Regensburg site after two weeks of testing. The vehicle of the logistics partner Kühne+Nagel drives the distance between the factory premises and an external warehouse in the east of the city four times per working day. Thus, the electric truck covers around 100 km a day. And thanks to the electric drive, it will save some 18 t of CO2 every year.

The 7.5-t truck from the eTruck manufacturer Framo saves 60-100 % of the CO2 emissions of a comparable diesel vehicle – depending on how the electricity used was produced. The battery developed by Framo has a capacity of 115.6 kWh. This means that the electric truck can cover 115 km – a wide enough range for the daily distance travelled.

Source: Infineon Technologies AG

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