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Influence of AI on Production IT for 2020

Influence of AI on Production IT for 2020

The technological impact on manufacturing IT applications has increased enormously. Artificial intelligence (AI) in particular improves the opportunities offered by production IT and also creates new fields of application. There will be many new AI solutions in 2020 – also from the specialists on automated manufacturing MPDV.

Analysis and Predictions

A predestined field of application for AI is the analysis of historical data and the prediction of events and results based on this data. MPDV started with Predictive Quality in 2019, and the provider of production IT will continue with the Setup Time Prediction in 2020. The analysis of training data for influential factors also has a key role to play here.

AI based Production Planning

The production planning also benefits from the opportunities of artificial intelligence. MPDV intends to launch the product “Cognitive Planning and Optimization” based on reinforcement learning in the course of the year. The product can be used to significantly enhance the planning of complex order scenarios. The automatic planning tool is designed to consider a large number of influencing factors in order to improve the planning results.

Automated Data Science

According to MPDV, this year will show, particularly in the field of modeling, which AI systems are capable of independently processing historical data used for modeling. As part of the preparation for the actual model creation, this includes not only data synchronization but also unsupervised anomaly detection, that is the automated detection of outliers and their correction. This process model is also known as Automated Data Science and enables MPDV users to achieve cost savings of up to 80 % compared to today’s manual approach to data preparation, according to CRISP-DM for example.


Source: MPDV

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