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Jungheinrich Presents ERC 213a Automated Pallet Truck

Jungheinrich Presents ERC 213a Automated Pallet Truck

Jungheinrich presents the latest model in its portfolio of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) at its “Innovations & Highlights 2020” trade press conference. Thanks to its compact design, the ERC 213a automated pallet truck is specially designed for automated transport processes in confined spaces.

Because of the modern lithium-ion technology, the ERC 213a has a particularly high availability. A 2.8 kW three-phase AC motor ensures constant power, the electrically controlled lift motor ensures finely adjusted lifting at heights of up to 4400 mm. Thanks to its steel frame and closed frame structure, the ERC 213a has a particularly robust design. Safety systems such as the standard personal safety scanners check the travel path for obstacles during operation. The new arrangement of the personal safety scanners around the AGV should ensures contactless safety in drive as well as load direction and when cornering. Navigation is carried out by means of a laser. Reflectors on the guideway or a combination of reflectors and environmental features can be used for this purpose. Jungheinrich developed the ERC 213a on the basis of field-tested series trucks. Automation customers also benefit from the proven truck technology due to the high availability of spare parts. The AGV can be easily integrated into existing IT structures or used as a stand-alone system.

Jungheinrich has entered into a completely new form of partnership with the tool machine manufacturer DMG MORI. The driverless transport system PH-AGV offers a new type of flexible automated intralogistics solutions that merge material flow and production. The truck, which is based on a Jungheinrich EKS 215a, enables the fully automated loading and unloading of workpiece pallets into DMG MORI tool machines. The autonomous pallet handling system jointly developed by Jungheinrich and DMG MORI uses precise laser navigation technology to move completely freely in the production halls and automatically aligns itself with the machines. This accelerates the material flow and ensures more flexible and productive production processes.

Source: Jungheinrich AG

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