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New Functions for Robotics Control Software

New Functions for Robotics Control Software

The parameterizable Movikit Robotics software module from SEW Eurodrive expands the possibilities for controlling universal robot kinematics. Among other things, it enables workers without higher-level language programming skills to create and edit robot programs directly at the machine.

SEW Eurodrive has added new functions to the software module that offer additional options and make it easier to integrate the module into automation structures. Touchprobe measurement and sensor-based positioning makes it possible to initiate an instruction during a program based on the triggering of a sensor or a change in the state of a Boolean variable. With time-based and distance-based path events the robot is triggered at a defined position in the path or at a defined time before or after reaching this positon. Standardized fieldbus interface can be used to move the robot along a path with ease via a higher-level controller. The path is managed by the higher-level controller and transmitted to the software module.


Source: SEW Eurodrive

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