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New Immunoglobulin Process Plant by GEA

New Immunoglobulin Process Plant by GEA

The supplier for process technology GEA has planned the project with which the biopharmaceutical company CSL Behring will increase the production capacity of immunoglobulin at its site in Bern.

GEA received the order for the process plant, the heart of the facility. The two additional production lines will enable a further 90,000 patients per year to be supplied with life-saving drugs. CSL Behring has therefore invested 250 million Swiss francs in the project, creating 50 new jobs. Despite the global corona pandemic, the project was possible to continue on schedule.

Together with CSL Behring, GEA worked on the degree of automation. Significant progress was made in the areas of “increased availability”, “operability” and “safety”. A concrete example: As an improvement on the previous modules, a purely manual switchover panel could be replaced by a complex valve combination in the clean room. This allows CIP cleaning and product transfer without risk of contamination in parallel and without manual operator actions.

The Immunoglobulins are proteins of the globulin class. They are used to defend the human organism against foreign substances that have entered the body. They therefore play a central role in the immune defense. They are used in autoimmune diseases as well as in passive immunization against certain pathogens and in cancer therapy.


Source: GEA

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