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New Sensor for Potentially Explosiv Areas

New Sensor for Potentially Explosiv Areas

ABB will present a new sensor for low voltage motors at the Hanover Fair 2020. It is suitable for applications in potentially explosive areas like the chemical, petrol and gas industry.

The wireless intelligent sensor monitors key parameters to provide valuable information about the performance and condition of components such as motors and pumps. It communicates with smartphones, tablets, PCs and gateways of systems using energy-saving Bluetooth or WirelessHART technologies. Thanks to the new design, the range of the antenna has been increased by a factor of three to four. Systems in difficult to access or hazardous areas can thus be monitored from a distance of several 100 m.

Another upgrade is the higher sensitivity of the sensors to minor changes in plant condition. This provides an early warning of bearing damage. The sensors are able to generate a much larger data spectrum. The combination of connectivity and data analysis allows operators to plan their maintenance activities in advance, reduce downtime and increase facility life.


Source: ABB Group

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