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New Shifting Gripper for the Pressroom

New Shifting Gripper for the Pressroom

Bilsing Automation has announced the availability of a new feed gripper with extension capability for use in 2- and 3-axis transfer press lines as well as destacking applications. These new aluminum grippers weigh 1.013 kg and are therefore about 6 kg lighter than competing products, according to the manufacturer of industrial tooling solutions. This enables faster transfer movement speed with a max. velocity of 22 shots per minute.

The grippers are able to shift/extend up to 100 mm, providing additional stabilization through the Z-axis movement to the part during press transfer. The central vacuum units for cup holding are integrated in the grippers for a very compact design. And, part picking is done from the top, so there is no additional space needed within the dies. The grippers work with the entire line of Bilsing vacuum cups and lightweight modular tooling, accommodating various applications by changing the cup.


Source: Bilsing Automation

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