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New SSI-Version of Position Sensors

New SSI-Version of Position Sensors

MTS Sensors releases the SSI version of its Temposonics R-Series V position sensors for industrial applications. The addition of SSI broadens the range of applications (e.g. factory automation, fluid power, plastic injection, blow molding, woodworking, metalworking, or machine tools) which can now be supported by the new generation of magnetostrictive position sensors.

The key feature of SSI is the high accuracy with a very stable position signal and a minimum resolution of 0.1 µm. This allows the sensor to offer a precise position management for industrial applications. The latest output addition is also available in two types: rod style (RH5) and profile style (RP5) and is supported by MTS Sensors’s smart assistants Tempolink and Tempogate (available in 2020). Both are optionally available accessories which are connected via the power connection to the sensor and which support all R-Series V sensors. The smart assistants enable to transmit detailed information about the condition of the application, such as sensor status, internal temperature, total operating hours, distance traveled by position magnets and more, all while the system is running.

Temposonics R-Series V SSI supports an extended operating temperature range reaching from -40° up to +85 °C. The shock resistance has been increased to 150 g and for vibration to 30 g and in combination with the larger voltage supply range, they are ideal for harsh and rough applications as they keep providing exact measurement data. Backward compatibility based on proven electrical connections and mechanical designs allows a seamless integration into existing applications.



Source: MTS Sensors

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