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Nord Drivesystems Now Has a Mobile App

Nord Drivesystems Now Has a Mobile App

The Nordcon App and the Nordac Access BT Bluetooth stick for all Nord electronic components are used for drive monitoring via a dashboard, drive analysis via a convenient oscilloscope function and drive parameterisation of Nord drive systems.

The dashboard-based visualisation can be used for drive monitoring and fault diagnosis. A help function accompanies the parameterisation of drive units. In stand-alone operation, the Nordac Access BT can also be used for backup and recovery of drive parameters. The Nordcon App and Nordac Access BT are available for all Nord drive electronics and can be applied with decentralised frequency inverters as well as control cabinet inverters like the new Nordac Pro SK 500P.

The Nordac Access BT is used as a link between the mobile terminal device and the app. The Bluetooth stick is used directly on the frequency inverter. Users therefore have practical access to the drive data and remain in full control. The Nordac Access BT can also be used without the app, for example to save parameter data. If the frequency inverter is damaged or if the drive has to be replaced, the original parameters can be easily uploaded from the stick. Parameter transfer between a drive and a PC is also possible. The app is available for iOS and Android operating systems in the App Store or in Google Play.



Source: Nord Drivesystems

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