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NSK unveils new-generation DIN-standard ball screws

NSK unveils new-generation DIN-standard ball screws

NSK used the recent EMO 2017 exhibition in Hanover, Germany as the launch platform for a number of innovations designed to enhance machine tool performance. Among the major introductions was a new generation of DIN-standard ball screws. The high-speed, low-noise ball screws not only overcome the specific challenges of European machine tool applications, but also conform to DIN 69051 (ISO 3408) with regard to both dimensional and tolerance classes.

Manufactured in shaft diameters from 32 to 63 mm, and with leads from 10 to 40 mm, the new high-speed, low-noise ball screws for European machine tool applications offer a speed factor of 160,000 dn. This performance level means they can be used without restriction for high-speed machining applications where very accurate positioning is also required.

The smooth running properties of the new ball screws also set a new benchmark, establishing optimal pre-conditions for incurring the least possible vibrations in the linear system, while simultaneously reducing noise levels. Among the main contributors to this favourable combination of characteristics are the ball deflectors, which were newly developed to suit the new series.

NSK has been developing ball screws for machine tools since 1960. Today, the product portfolio is wide-ranging, offering shaft diameters from 4 to 200 mm, as well as numerous types for specific requirements such as extreme low noise, short strokes and maximum positioning accuracy.

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