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Platform Integrates all Production Systems

Platform Integrates all Production Systems

Platforms are booming. MPDV applies the same concept for the new Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP). The MIP integrates all production systems. This is vital for the survival in the age of Industry 4.0, where the number of systems is constantly growing. Only if sensors and controllers can automatically exchange information and speak a common language, the vision of a Smart Factory becomes reality.

MIP is a semantic platform. The focus here is not on technology but on content. The enlisted systems can differ substantially. It can be software, a sensor or a machine control. They do not share the technology, because they run on another hardware or operating system. They share the semantically defined data model. The data model contains all production objects including their attributes and relationships. For example, we have an object Person. The Person includes attributes like first name, surname, company, department or cost center. The relationship between the objects is also specified. All systems connected to the MIP are always up to date and can interact with each other to ensure a smooth production process.


Source: MPDV

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