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Reliable Software Protection for Robot Applications

Reliable Software Protection for Robot Applications

CodeMeter allows ArtiMinds Robotics, a German pioneer in sensor-based automation solutions, to protect their intellectual property while enabling them to monetize their software solutions with easy and flexible entitlement management based on different factors, such as user seats or robot-bound licenses.

ArtiMinds Robot Programming Suite (RPS) combines online and offline programming with a unique approach to create complex robot programs without manually writing a single line of source code. ArtiMinds RPS relies on a template-based programming concept, which enables users to choose from more than 60 integrated templates and build the program structure simply via drag & drop. The key element in their proprietary technology lies in the translation of a template sequence into complex robot specific source code.

In order to protect their Intellectual Property, ArtiMinds has implemented CodeMeter, featuring a combination of hardware (CmDongles) and software (AxProtector) tools designed to protect digital assets against piracy, reverse engineering, and tampering. AxProtector fully and automatically encrypts executables and libraries for native languages as well as .NET and Java environments. Through a post-build process, it injects best-of-breed anti-debugging and anti-disassembly methods into the compiled code. Its engine remains constantly on guard for security threats, immediately interrupting software execution when hazards are detected.

Stefan Bamberg, Senior Key Account and Partner Manager of Wibu-Systems, added: “It’s always a pleasure to work closely with our customers and tailor our technologies to address their specific needs. With the licensing and security features we have built into our CodeMeter solution, ArtiMinds is in a perfect position to roll out and monetize their unique robot programming competencies, helping manufacturers and robot operators around the globe to leverage the promise of the next industrial age.”


Source: Wibu-Systems

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