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Safe discharge unit ensures safety

Safe discharge unit ensures safety

Cabinet maintenance work required whilst the capacities are still charged? To this end, Michael Koch GmbH from Germany is introducing a connectible, overload-proof resistor unit. It discharges the capacities to a desired, safe voltage level within a reasonable timeframe. The Safe Discharge Unit with the type designation SDU-200 is able to hold ca. 200 kilowatt-seconds of energy at a discharge capacity of around 1,400 watts. In an ambient temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the housing only rises to around 55 degrees Celsius.

The safe SDU discharge unit is suitable for direct integration into any capacity network, for instance into large DC links. It is delivered with a suitable DC switch that can be connected to an additional SDU – in the event that more power, and thus more energy consumption or shorter discharge times, are required. The switch is equipped with a smart sensor that indicates whether the SDU is connected. An emergency discharge option is also available and an additional, overload-proof resistor has been built in for this purpose.

In all, the simple to connect SDU – which is overload-proof and ensures the safety of maintenance staff – is considered a well-engineered periphery product for DC circuits with large capacities. The unit is particularly suited to the smart dynamic energy management systems kit from Koch and its dimensions mean it fits perfectly into the network.


Source: Michael Koch GmbH

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