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Safety to cloud as an Industry 4.0 compliant solution

Safety to cloud as an Industry 4.0 compliant solution
Data is the new gold in Industry 4.0. Machines, tools and workpieces will become cyber-physical systems which collect and exchange data. The result is a whole new quality of production data which enables decentralised production control in real-time. But the digital transformation poses new challenges for the safety technology. Schmersal Group now presents an innovative safety solution which is suitable for worldwide applications. The company, one of the global market leaders in safety technology, has recently expanded its business in Turkey and Eastern Europe.

The Schmersal Group is showcasing its first ‘Safety to Cloud’ ­solution. All Schmersal’s solenoid interlocks and safety sensors fitted with an SD interface and a few safety light barriers can transfer data to any cloud via the PSC1 safety controller or an SD gateway in conjunction with an Edge gateway. The SD (Serial ­Diagnostics) interface is used to transfer non-secure data from safety sensors and solenoid interlocks in safe series connection. The Smart Safety Solution allows all cyclical SD interface sensor data to be transferred to the cloud. Linking these cyclic SD data within the cloud gives the user comprehensive diagnostics ­options, including switching cycles, safety status information, ­tolerance warnings, distance warnings, and much more. The Edge gateway forwards the data in a common format, which is independent of any system and a standardised protocol for M2M communication.

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Source: Schmersal

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