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Senior CEO of Menzel Elektromotoren retires

Senior CEO of Menzel Elektromotoren retires

Menzel Elektromotoren GmbH, a Berlin-based company with a long-standing history, sent off senior CEO Kurt Menzel into retirement with a ceremonial farewell on 31. March 2017. Starting his career in 1975 as Head of Marketing, the qualified engineer took over management of the motor manufacturer from his father, company founder Kurt Menzel senior, in 1984. After more than four decades of commitment to the company, Kurt Menzel now puts leadership of Menzel Elektromotoren into the hands of his son, Mathis Menzel, who has been a member of the management for some years. Stepping in as commercial director will be qualified business administrator Dirk Achhammer, who first started working for the special motor manufacturer in 2007 as Head of Finance and Administration and later as Authorized Signatory.

Over the course of the last 90 years, Menzel Elektromotoren has established itself as a sucessful partner for short-notice delivery of large electric motors with special adaptations, valued by customers for exceptional reliablity and delivery dependability. For his entrepreneurial engagement, company founder Kurt Menzel senior was even awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1977.

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