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Servo cables with the world’s smallest bend radius

Servo cables with the world’s smallest bend radius

Igus presents its new CF29 servo cable series – one of several new high-end cable families for continuous motion in e-chains with an outer jacket made of halogen-free TPE. This product range extension offers completely new possibilities for energy supply to drives, for users with very tough requirements such as ambient temperatures or small installation space. A core structure optimised for motion combined with a gusset-filling extruded TPE inner jacket that provides even more stability as well as a highly flexible TPE outer jacket are the features of the new CF29 chainflex servo cable series. The high-end series is suitable for the smallest bending factors for servo cables down to 6.8 xd and is therefore unique on the market. The new series offers a guaranteed solution in a temperature range of -35 °C so can be even used for moving  applications in deep-freeze warehouses.

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Source: Igus

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