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Siemens ordered to improve Chinese airport

Siemens ordered to improve Chinese airport

Siemens Logistics has received an order to supply baggage handling and sorting technology for the Terminal 1 extension at Kunming Changshui International Airport in China.

The order includes delivery of a highly developed early bag store (EBS) and the latest generation of the Vario Tray technology. The latter consists of a tray-based conveyor line, a Line Stacker to stack unused trays, and 26 Tilter Plus that can discharge bags to both sides. In addition, Siemens will work closely with the general contractor Kunming Airport Logistics System Company to deliver the complete project management, engineering, design and control system.

Among others, Siemens will install its Vario Store, a tray-based Lift & Run EBS system with capacity for 3,000 bags. The EBS optimizes the transport of transfer baggage and allows passengers to check in early, for example the evening before departure. Siemens will also implement a 2,700-meter-long tray-based conveyor line to transport the baggage fast and safely. During off-peak periods, a Line Stacker stores the unused trays in a space-saving and energy-efficient manner. The scope of supply also contains the implementation of high-performance IT, including system control via a programmable logic controller (PLC). This technology will facilitate intelligent process management throughout the entire baggage handling system. Siemens will carry out the work during ongoing operations, without any restrictions to the normal flight plan.



Source: Siemens Logistics

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