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Small servo motors with an integrated screw

Small servo motors with an integrated screw

Wittenstein cyber motor GmbH launches a new series of small servo motors with an integrated screw for use when the machine has to be installed in a confined space. It is the screw drive, fully integrated in the actuator housing, that makes this series so unique: the servo motor, spindle drive, linear guide rail and encoder system form a closed, highly integrated and ready-to-mount unit. They are used, for instance, for positioning, gripping and handling applications in the semiconductor industry, packaging machinery or assembly automation. The series is offered in 4 sizes, each with 2 different screw pitches and two stroke lengths for short or long-stroke applications. Each of the four sizes achieves excellent acceleration values, cycle rates and machine throughputs in a very small space. This is due to the compact design, which results in much lower mass inertia than is possible, for instance, if the screw is simply attached to the servo motor. The new small servo motors with an integrated screw can be configured with simco drive servo regulators to form high-performance small servo axes. Multiple connection options are available for these solutions, which can be integrated in a higher-level controller via CanOpen, EtherCAT, Profinet RT/IRT or EtherNet/IP.

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