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SMC’s new 4-axis step motor controller

SMC’s new 4-axis step motor controller

Lower device costs, less programming time, less wiring work and lower space requirements – are the most important advantages of SMC’s new 4-axis step motor controllers JXC73 and JXC83. These new controllers make it possible to control up to 4 electrical actuators for individual or multiple axes simultaneously. Programming is done on a PC using a USB 2.0 interface. The new 4-axis step motor controllers from SMC can reach entered target positions in 2 ways: for linear interpolation, only the target position and the speed of an axis are required. From this information, the controllers calculate all of the values of the X, Y and Z axes that are necessary for three-dimensional movement. Alternatively, it is also possible to use circular movements. If you enter the coordinates of the target position, the rotation direction and the centre point, the controllers use circular interpolation to calculate all of the X and Y values required to run the circular path. Due to their many advantages, SMC considers the new 4-axis step motor controllers to be suitable for a broad range of machine engineering applications. Pick & place applications or vertical lifting of plates are two examples of possible usage.

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