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STW Starts Strategic Obsolescence Management

STW Starts Strategic Obsolescence Management

Long before the coronavirus crisis, STW has developed a service that reduces the default risks to a minimum and guarantees long-term availability of their components through component and obsolescence management. The company informs that it is still able to deliver its products.

Like STW, many manfacturers of electronic assemblies are affected by the changes of unpredictable crisis. Some component manufacturers change their products over the course of their service lifetime in terms of e.g. color, shape, function, place of manufacture, test site, etc. Some products are discontinued completely and are then no longer available (obsolete). And in extreme cases, companies may have to shut down their operations completely due to drastic economic changes.

In order to be prepared for such challenges, STW’s “Component and Obsolescence Management” intervenes at a much earlier stage. Stable processes within STW are indispensable for such a forward-looking approach. Further support includes access to a professional database and membership of COG Deutschland e.V. (Component Obsolescence Group), which has more than 150 members throughout Germany.

This way customers are involved in the life cycle planning of the future product from the initial project phase, where strategic component decisions are made to guarantee a long lifetime of the assembly group. Regular reviews during the product life cycle ensure that the risk of sudden component discontinuation is minimized. Thus STW wants to guarantee its customers functionality, quality and deliverability of the products.



Source: STW

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