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Taiwan machinery industry rise to a recordsetting

Taiwan machinery industry rise to a recordsetting

Developments which can lay claim to technological leadership

As the world’s 4th largest exporter of machinery tools and components, Taiwan has averaged $4 billion in exports for each of the last few years from a network of more than 1,000 precision machinery manufacturers and more than 10,000 upstream suppliers. For this reason Taiwan was ranked 2nd, in terms of the numbers of exhibitors participating at EMO and 3rd in regards to exhibition space. Walter Yeh, the president and CEO of TAITRA stated that in 2018, the Taiwan machinery industry saw its annual production rate rise to a recordsetting high of roughly $39.2 billion USD. At the same time, Taiwan exported a total value of $4.8 billion USD in machinery tools and components, an increase of 8.28% from the same period of last year. Taiwan’s machinery tool industry has long been a close competitor with the world’s top machine tool makers who are also global industry giants.

Production processes at a high level

The Intelligent Machinery Program is one of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen’s 5 major industrial development programs. In 2018, the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) also launched a  5-year program to install more than 9,000 smart machine boxes (SMBs), which will enable companies to instantly add Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity to existing equipment. The goal is to collect production data that can facilitate the visualization of production management and the optimization of production scheduling. By bringing smart features to machinery and devices, the MOEA aims to increase the quality, efficiency, precision and reliability of production – thereby boosting the competitiveness of Taiwanese companies.

In addition, the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI) issued a white paper last year, that envisions the local industry with an annual output of NT$2 trillion (US$64.9 billion) by 2025. Taiwan’s machinery and telecommunications industries are competitive and must not be a part of industry 4.0, according to TAMI Chairman Alex Ko.

Continually expanding the smart factory solutions

The global manufacturing industry is transitioning from mass production to customized and fast-R&D-based products, thereby progressively incorporating smart manufacturing technologies. Taiwan’s machinery tool manufacturers are capitalizing on Taiwan’s abundant expertise in the ICT industry to provide their clients with competitive, smart functions including remote management and monitoring. As a result, this year, a couple of Taiwanese companies showed smart manufacturing solutions that meet the burgeoning demands for Industry 4.0 and automation, such as FFG-themed “Focus on smart production” display, YCM’s iDirect Management System and Goodway’s G.Linc, G.NET, SVI management system. In parallel, the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) & Cooperate Synergy Development Center (CSD) organized the Taiwan Smart Manufacturing Pavilion which were demonstrating equipment visualization, smart management systems and solutions.

Taiwan is thus continuing to successfully develop smart manufacturing solutions that meet the growing demands of Industry 4.0 and Automation.

Source: TAITRA

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