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USA location of InfraTec celebrates its 10th anniversary

USA location of InfraTec celebrates its 10th anniversary

Venture with Happy End

Ten years ago, InfraTec opened its first international branch. What began in 2007 in Grapevine within close proximity
to the Dallas metropolis of millions, has been continued for several years by employees a few miles east in Plano.

Its beginning marks the foundation of the subsidiary InfraTec infrared LLC. The reasons for going to the State of Texas
are just as relevant today as they were ten years ago. North America in general and the USA in particular rank among
the world’s largest markets for infrared sensors. Important partners are based there, who are responsible for a large
portion of the total annual turnover of the company, which is becoming increasingly international. Through the
location in the State of Texas these benefit from the comprehensive service that InfraTec’s partners use and
appreciate worldwide. Customer requests can be responded to quickly and purposefully. Furthermore, the logistic
support can be organised far more easily for the Dresden company. The same applies to the participation in important
trade fairs and conferences at local level.

The range of tasks of the InfraTec infrared LLC increased once again in 2015. For roughly two years, the subsidiary
company has also coordinated the sales of the thermographic systems.

The InfraTec infrared sensor and measuring technology company was founded in 1991 and has its headquarters
in Dresden, Germany. Spectrally single and multi channel infrared detectors count among the products of the infrared sensor division, next to Infrared sensors with electrically tunable filters based on MOEMS. These detectors can be used in gas analysis, fire and flame sensor technology and spectroscopy. With its infrared measurement technology division, InfraTec is one of the leading suppliers of commercial thermal imaging technology.

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