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WIN Eurasia – the hotspot for Eurasia’s manufacturing industry

WIN Eurasia – the hotspot for Eurasia’s manufacturing industry
An international trade fair in Istanbul, the industrial heartland of Turkey, offers an excellent opportunity for companies to penetrate deeper into the Turkish market, as well as hunt for fresh markets to drive further growth.

Written by Sushen Doshi

Globally, Turkey is in a strong position with access to more than a billion people within a 4 hour flight radius, and more than
$ 8 trillion of foreign trade, from Europe, Asia, the Balkans and North African countries to the energy producing regions in the ­Caspian and Central Asia. Sitting at the crossroads of world’s most important trade routes and energy routes make it a thriving trading hub and an attractive base for all sorts of industries. Considering the geographic advantages that Turkey and Istanbul in particular, have to offer, hosting WIN Eurasia – the international trade event, consisting of Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives show along with 5 other industrial trade shows under one roof, provides numerous opportunities to explore and access the emerging trends in the manufacturing sector. The international trade fair to be held from 15th until the 18th March 2018 at the Tüyap Fair and Congress Center in Istanbul attracts more than 75,000 visitors and 1,500 exhibitors from over 40 countries, thereby consolidating its place as the most influential trade fair in the region.

Today, factories all over the world are at the threshold of a major transformation where technological developments such as digitalization, internet of things and artificial intelligence lead to major changes in the industries and point to a new era of Industry 4.0. Being the pioneering event to showcase the developments in the industry for years, WIN Eurasia is prepared to lead the companies in this transformation. As the leading and the biggest international annual event in the region; WIN Eurasia 2018 offers a 360 degree view to the Eurasian manufacturing sector by covering 6 trade fairs that are interrelated both in demand and supply prospects. This merger creates a significant synergy and gathers a broad spectrum of products and services from the entire manufacturing domain under one roof. Along with eye catching beauty of the historic city of ­Istanbul, this event offers an excellent chance for visitors to penetrate deeper into the Turkish market, to promote innovative products and equipment that offer solutions to the entire industrial landscape. ­Although Turkey in itself is an interesting market place, the ­exhibition is targeting a much bigger market – the entire Eurasian economic region. Due to a wide range of excellent international marketing activities and travel connections, the 2017 edition of WIN Eurasia had in attendance majority of the visitors from the Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe and as well other neighboring ­regions. This event is the ideal place to get a sense of latest trends and technologies in engineering, industrial automation, ­logistics and material handling etc. WIN-Eurasia provides a unique opening for global as well as domestic players to gather market ­intelligence and customer’s requirements, which helps the design engineers in developing products for the future.

WIN Eurasia - the hotspot for Eurasia’s manufacturing industry

Trade Fair Line Up

At WIN Eurasia – World of Industry, visitors benefit from the sheer range of products and solutions this trade fair has on display. It ­covers crucial industry sectors with its 6 leading trade fairs like – ­automation, motion and drives, electro-tech, metal working, welding, surface technology and logistics.

Integrated Automation Motion & Drives Eurasia: Previously known as Otomasyon Eurasia and Hydraulic & Pneumatic Eurasia, both the shows have now merged to form Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives (IAMD) Eurasia. It reflects the reality of today’s market environment, which increasingly favors cross-sector solutions and digitally integrated products. This show features a full array of industrial automation, power transmission and fluid power technologies . Thanks to its size and significance, IAMD will be the premier platform for visitors and exhibitors. Product category at IAMD includes: Drives and mechanical transmission systems like linear motion systems, gears, chain and belt transmissions, ­couplings, brakes and bearings, electrical power transmission and motion control equipment like electric motors and frequency ­inverters. It also includes products from hydraulics, pneumatics, pumps, seals, lubricants and lubrication systems, monitoring and measuring devices, and engineering solutions for support and maintenance. The integrated automation segment has on display the best in robotics technologies, process and factory automation, industrial IT and software, new technologies in automated motion control and process control. As IoT, with its integration into the business world, continues to accelerate the digitalization, a special area focusing on Big Data, Cloud-based services and M2M technologies, integrated products, solutions and services will be exhibited in the Digital Factory – IIoT Special Area.

Electrotech Eurasia: At Electrotech Eurasia, electrical energy generation, supply, transmission, distribution and storage systems will be under the spotlight. Products on display at this prominent trade fair include cables & equipment for electric power transmission, electric and electronic testing and measuring equipment, electric motors and frequency inverters, electric switchgear and equipment for power distribution, electronic and optoelectronic components, lighting equipment, transformers, accumulators, ­uninterruptable power supplies, generators and grid management systems. Big Data and artificial intelligence are the buzz words in the manufacturing industry today. But neither the factory of today nor tomorrow can run without compressed air and vacuum technology. A special area dedicated to ‘ComVac’ has on display the complete range of compressed air and vacuum technology, from generation and processing to compressors, pumps and measuring instruments to financing and management solutions.

CeMAT Eurasia: As Turkey expands its international trade volumes, the logistics and transportation sector in Istanbul and its adjacent regions is set to experience massive volumes of growth as well as new challenges especially arising due to congestion. More investment on infrastructure is one part of the solution but more importantly to make technological developments in the logistics ­industry including satellite communications of the vehicles, track and trace of the shipments, introduction of RFID etc. This will inevitably create a logistics ecosystem in which more and more components are networked. The international trade fair ‘CeMAT Eurasia’ plays a vital role in providing sustainable solutions to Istanbul’s ­logistics challenges.

WIN Eurasia - the hotspot for Eurasia’s manufacturing industry

Exhibitors from around the world representing large multinational as well as small enterprises will present their latest products like industrial trucks, forklifts, cranes, hoists, lifts, escalators, vertical lifting equipment, port logistics equipment, remotely operated transportation systems. The store & load segment will have on display latest warehousing systems and accessories, conveyor systems, robotic handling systems, loading systems for bulk goods and shelf storage systems etc. The pick & pack segment consists of labelling and identification systems, packaging materials, packaging and order picking systems for warehouse operations. ­Increasingly becoming a crucial part of any logistics operation is the logistics IT. In Istanbul visitors can get to know about various software for warehouse management, transportation logistics, computer systems for intra-logistics, auto-ID systems, intra-logistics sensors etc.


Author: Sushen Doshi is our International Correspondent for WORLD OF INDUSTRIES

pictures: Hannover Fairs Turkey Fuarcilik A.S.

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