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Automation 4.0 with the Jumo Cloud

Automation 4.0 with the Jumo Cloud

Jumo has already been developing into a provider of industry-specific complete solutions for years. The Jumo Cloud is the next logical step in this development. It is based on the “Software as a Service” (SaaS) model and is an IoT platform for process visualization, data acquisition, evaluation, as well as archiving. The Jumo Cloud enables worldwide access to measurement data via common web browsers. Users can use the Jumo Cloud to monitor multiple distributed plants, processes, or locations in one dashboard and thus increase process reliability.
The possibilities of the Jumo Cloud range from simple alarm messages and condition monitoring to complete plant control systems. The cloud is optimally tailored to the Jumo variTRON automation system.

The Jumo engineering team provides its many years of expertise for the implementation of industry- and project-specific cloud and SCADA applications. By combining high-quality Jumo hardware, a modern cloud environment, and innovative engineering services, Jumo offers an “all-round package” for users from a wide range of industries.

Source: JUMO GmbH & Co. KG


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