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Machine Elements

Machine Elements


Increased Demand

Small Diameter Wave Springs

Rotor Clip has responded to the increased demand for smaller, innovative, and more efficient assemblies. The company now has the capability of manufacturing smaller-sized wave springs ranging from .118 -25” (3 - 635 mm).

Plastic for High Loads

Demands upon friction and wear parts are continuously on the rise while plastic solutions often go unconsidered. A great miscalculation. Usually they’re the choice selection.

Sumitomo: New Generation of Modular Precision Gears

In 2015 Sumitomo Drive Technologies designed the precision gearbox series F4CF-D. Then, in 2017 the modular system was expanded to facilitate the addition of compatible components, i.e. motor mounting capability. In 2020, the series was further developed and launched as the F4CF-DA series.

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