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Machine Elements


Upgrade for the Backhus Windrow Turners

Eggersmann Presents Extensive Improvements

From the track clearers to the engine and the cabin, Eggersmann has given its Backhus windrow turners a general overhaul. Aspects such as lighting and remote maintenance have also undergone comprehensive upgrades.

Sensor on Satellite Tracks Greenhouse Gases

An optical sensor manufactured by ABB was deployed last night with the successful launch of satellite Hugo from GHGSat, a provider of greenhouse gas sensing services in space.

Plastic for High Loads

Demands upon friction and wear parts are continuously on the rise while plastic solutions often go unconsidered. A great miscalculation. Usually they’re the choice selection.

Sumitomo: New Generation of Modular Precision Gears

In 2015 Sumitomo Drive Technologies designed the precision gearbox series F4CF-D. Then, in 2017 the modular system was expanded to facilitate the addition of compatible components, i.e. motor mounting capability. In 2020, the series was further developed and launched as the F4CF-DA series.