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Fully Integrated Angle Measuring System

Fully Integrated Angle Measuring System

Schaeffler added an incremental angle measuring system to portfolio of rotary axis bearings. Fully integrated into rotary table bearing, the angle measuring system is available in both absolute and incremental variants. Schaeffler is a provider of bearings and torque motors for driven axes and rotary tables.

The dimensional scale component of the Amosin angle measurement system is affixed to the inner bearing ring, and the measuring head is attached to the fixed outer ring. Incorporating the dimensional scale into the bearing inner ring guarantees optimal radial runout accuracy and minimizes tilting of the scale when the axis is under mechanical load. Integrating the measuring system into the bearing also ensures high measurement accuracy.

Because the Amosin measuring system is fully integrated into the rotary table bearing, there is also no need to adjust the air gap between the dimensional scale and the measuring head. Manufacturing tolerances are set accordingly. Moreover, the measuring system is protected from contaminants – lubricants, in particular – and has good resistance to magnetic fields generated by direct drives.

Source: Schaeffler AG

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