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Condition Monitoring

Extend the Life of Oils

The service life of oils in hydraulic and lubrication systems should be maximized. This includes sophisticated filtration and permanent monitoring of various parameters by means of sensors such as the CM series from Bühler Technologies.

Heavy-Duty Vane Motors

Highest Torque Right From the Start

The Rineer vane motor series from Bosch Rexroth is now available worldwide. The series offers high power density with high torque as well as the robustness even under the most adverse climatic conditions and high dirt loads.


Dunkermotoren Is a Member of the IDTA

As of June 01, 2022, Dunkermotoren, a brand of AMETEK Advanced Motion Solutions, is an official member of the Industrial Digital Twin Association “IDTA”.

New 10 bar Subsea Pressure Transmitter

Positek Limited has launched a pressure transmitter specifically designed for measuring fluid pressures in submerged instruments and equipment used in marine and offshore applications.

Digital Service Reveals Potential for Energy Savings

A digital appraisal service from ABB is designed to enable industrial operators to maximize energy efficiency and boost sustainability by identifying motor-driven equipment in their facilities with the best energy-saving potential.

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