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Hannover Messe 2023

Interoperable Digital Twin Based on the AAS

Nine Partners use the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) to exchange digital twins in engineering. At Hannover Messe, they demonstrated a specific application.

Motion + Drives

Condition Monitoring

Extend the Life of Oils

The service life of oils in hydraulic and lubrication systems should be maximized. This includes sophisticated filtration and permanent monitoring of various parameters by means of sensors such as the CM series from Bühler Technologies.

Air Gripper

Improve Production Flexibility

To deliver flexibility, robots frequently need to use multiple different grippers. For this reason, SMC developed the MHF2-X7076A, a modular, low-profile air gripper with finger-change function.

Increased Demand

Small Diameter Wave Springs

Rotor Clip has responded to the increased demand for smaller, innovative, and more efficient assemblies. The company now has the capability of manufacturing smaller-sized wave springs ranging from .118 -25” (3 - 635 mm).


  • Automation


Integrated Controls and Monitoring

Data Analytics in the Sortation Business

Data analysis enables fulfillment centers to optimize their processes. To this end, Beumer's BG Insight software suite offers Industry 4.0 functions for monitoring and control.

Multi-Use Sortation

Less Touch, Low Cost

Beumer Group's BG Pouch enables processes such as regular sorting after picking, batch sortation and intermediate storage handling of returned items to be completed with less manual handling.

SSI Schaefer and Nahdi Medical Company

New Distribution Center in the Middle East

Nahdi Medical Company in cooperation with SSI Schaefer announced the implementation of the country’s first world-class pharmaceutical system in March 2022.

Process Industry

  • Process Industry

Smart Factory

  • Smart Factory

Production Level 4

SmartFactory-KL supports Manufacturing-X

What should the production of the future look like in Germany? Germany's Plattform Industrie 4.0 presents a groundbreaking document with the Manufacturing-X Whitepaper.