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35 Years of Excellence

Wibu Systems Celebrates Its Anniversary

by editorial staff WORLD OF INDUSTRIES


On the occasion of its 35th anniversary Wibu Systems looks back on the successful development throuout the years

Wibu-Systems protects the digital assets and intellectual property of companies worldwide. On the occasion of its 35th anniversary, the management looks back on the successful development.

Since its foundation in 1989, Wibu-Systems has never abandoned its commitment to entrepreneurial continuity, technological competence, teamwork, ecological responsibility and ethical business principles.

Marcellus Buchheit, co-founder of Wibu, president and board member of the company in the USA, remembers the early days: “35 years ago, Wibu-Systems’ idea was the software protection WibuKey, which stored licenses in a secure dongle with a parallel interface. Today, this concept is still concept is still valid today and has developed into a highly flexible software monetization system that can store a CodeMeter license in a dongle, on a device or in a secure cloud a device or in a secure cloud container. This transformation was driven by our innovative development team and through collaboration with our resourceful customers. Interestingly, our software licensing solutions are still based on the architecture we developed 35 years ago.”

This is not just about a clear, targeted technological vision: Wibu-Systems stands for “Security Made in Germany”. While the company thinks in global dimensions when it comes to market expansion, its German origins are evident throughout the entire product development cycle, from the development of innovative ideas by the internal team to the development of hardware and software solutions.

The centralized management of all critical processes and decisions at the company’s headquarters has not only led to a leaner business process, but has also had a significant positive impact on the company’s quality processes and environmental footprint. Long before the widespread focus on climate-conscious decisions, the company’s management had already aligned itself with global standards and optimized various aspects such as parts lists for hardware products, innovative packaging solutions for logistics and sustainable energy alternatives for the new company headquarters.

The company supports its legacy technology, which is still available and, according to the manufacturer, is constantly being updated. At the same time, the company offers seamless migration paths to its new innovative technologies. This ensures that the manufacturer’s customers benefit from the industry’s advanced security solutions and can therefore grow with the company.

Wibu-Systems’ success story is not only determined by its high-quality technology, but is also the result of intensive partnerships. The management is proud of the network of sales partners that have accompanied the company from the very beginning. These partners have worked hard to earn the trust of international customers; they form regional competence centers and strengthen the worldwide distribution.

The team strongly identifies with its mission to achieve excellence. Every year, the employees support their customers in the realization of their protection, licensing and security projects. The motivation for excellence is the driving force behind every successful project and every partnership.

Driven by his passion and leadership, Oliver Winzenried, CEO and co-founder of the company, adds: “In our pursuit of a secure digital future, we must not forget that true innovation knows no boundaries. Together, we are at the forefront of technological excellence, creating the innovations that will shape tomorrow. Our shared motivation should inspire a passion for progress. We want to set an example for security, self-determination and a future in which digital possibilities are limitless.”

Source: Wibu-Systems

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