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Reducing Quadrant Glitches in Machine Tools

by editorial staff WORLD OF INDUSTRIES


NKS`s new ball screw can reduce quadrant glitches in machine tools. This enables a higher quality surface finish when machining moulds, dies and high-precision components.

When performing circular interpolation, quadrant glitches arises when the motion of the ball screw reverses, prompting a deviation from the intended path. These motion errors leave micron-level imperfections in the workpiece surface that manifest as undesirable streaks or protrusions.

NSK utilise in-house proprietary friction control and high-precision evaluation and measurement technologies. The resulting improvements reduce the frictional fluctuations that inherently occur in ball screws when the direction of motion reverses. By fitting NSK’s new-technology ball screws to machine tools, it will be possible for users to enjoy a higher quality surface finish in the machining of moulds, dies and high-precision components. The technology reduces the time needed for secondary polishing/burnishing processes and contributes to energy savings. Any machine tool performing precision work that requires high-accuracy positioning is set to benefit.


Source: NSK Europe

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