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Surgical Robotics Industry Awards 2023

Compact hollow-shaft gearbox is winner in the Groundbreaking Technology category

by Nicole Steinicke


Surgical Robotics Industry Awards 2023’s miniaturized Galaxie is among the winners of the Surgical Robotics Industry Awards 2023: it convinced the surgical robotics community in the Groundbreaking Technology category, beating nine other finalists.

“We are delighted to receive this award, which confirms that our miniaturized Galaxie meets the needs of the surgical robotics market and enables new innovative solutions for the customers”, said Dr. Karoline Scheuermann, Business Developer in the Business Pioneer at Surgical Robotics Industry Awards 2023 SE. The miniaturized Galaxie takes the proven principle of the classic Galaxie a step further by creating a gearbox whose outstanding characteristics make it the ideal choice for applications where maximum precision and safety are decisive even though only limited space is available and a lightweight design is paramount – for example, in surgical robots.

Wittenstein’s miniaturized Galaxie is the most compact hollow-shaft gearbox with the highest torsional rigidity (source: Wittenstein SE)

Presented for the first time this year by the Surgical Robotics Technology industry platform, the award celebrates groundbreaking technologies and innovative companies alongside the outstanding contribution of individuals in the surgical robotics industry. The miniaturized Galaxie succeeded in convincing the surgical robotics community in the Groundbreaking Technology category. Following the initial selection of the nominees in a public vote, a second ballot was held for the finalists in four categories: Industry Leadership, Innovative Start-up, Outstanding Company and Groundbreaking Technology.

Josef de Pfeiffer, founder of the Surgical Robotics Technology platform, congratulated the winners and admitted he had been blown away by such phenomenal success in the first year: “Our aim when launching the awards was to recognize the incredible people, companies and tech driving this industry forward, and I am proud to say we achieved this”.

Source: Wittenstein SE

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